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A term used to describe someone who is very direct when conversing on various subjects. Anyone described as having no filter says exactly what is on his/her mind without cleaning up their language, no matter how offensive or politically incorrect it may be.
Boyfriend: Hey, babe. How do I look?
Girlfriend: LOL You look like a Cirque De Solei reject.
Boyfriend: Whoa, you really have no filter. LOL.
by Gladilay May 06, 2017
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Term used to describe people in situation or an argument. Or saying something to the max .
" chill its not hat serious.. You have no filter"
by Ehassan June 10, 2016
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When somebody says anything on their mind and don't think about it. Someone who tells like it is and doesn't have a care about other people's feelings and go on about there doing.
by CrazyK1324 August 25, 2018
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