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This is meaning someone has a strange smell. In other words too much perfume, cologne, not enough deoradant leading to the result of being smelly.
Robert- She has a niss.
Tim- Yea, I don’t think my nostrils will survive.
by Dreamworlds July 09, 2018
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the biggest compliment someone can be given. Few ppl are truly niss, however when someone is, everyone around them knows it and knows that he/she is the don. They must acknowledge his nissness.

Also used to describe things that are unordinarily great.

nissify nissification nissipline
Be niss or be gone!

- ey did u cop the green?
- yea..
- how does it look?
- fucking niss son
by griff August 13, 2006
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Someone or something that is annoying; a bad thing
Logan: She is such a mill!
Lakyn: Oh yeah... she’s a niss.
by Logan12345678910 March 14, 2018
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A kiss on the neck. It is like making out with someone's neck region, but not touching their lips.
"Mark didn't kiss me last night, but he gave me a little niss."
by ilikecandy123 June 14, 2009
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Niss is everything. Instead of saying "She's tangled up in a bunch of yarn!" you could say, "She's tangled up in a bunch of Niss!" Usually it is used in place of a noun that you can't think of, or you can't explain. May also use nissyfoofoo as a plural form, just for a special thing, or as an exclamation.
That Niss is on fire!
by Kastie October 21, 2006
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Niss: an adjetive for words that end in niss,. like retardtedniss, stupidniss, drunkinniss, jackassniss, gayniss, ext.
Mike and Joe always be talking about niss.
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