Nipa is a lady who is beautiful inside and out. She is smart, tidy, funny, cheeky, oh so very sweet, and deep inside, she likes to be very randy. She is kind to everyone that she meets and the world is brighter because of her smile and her laughter. If you are a man who is ever lucky enough to love and be loved by a Nipa (even for a day), then you have been blessed in this life.
My girl is Nipa; she makes me so very randy!
by Farang Boomslang August 03, 2016
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national income and product accounting; refers to the formal system of measuring capital accounts, current accounts, and gross domestic product.

National income and product accounting is the centerpiece of national economic
accounting in the United States. The NIPA's show the real and nominal value of output, the composition of output, and the distribution across types of income generated in its production.

Abraham & Mackie, *Beyond the Market,* p.40
by Abu Yahya February 14, 2009
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