The best LEGO show in existence. Cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything. It has the biggest fandom in LEGO and is definitely NOT just for kids.
Ninjago. That's it, just Ninjago. There is no more to say.
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by WindNinjaLizzie April 23, 2020
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an alternate universe in which Lego ninjas save the land from snake people and mystical villains
We must go to Ninjago in our dreams.
by Ninjago4ever March 02, 2015
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When someone annoys you, you put your hand in a chopping sign and you tickle the persons side to give them a shock
I am going to Ninjago Darren because he stole my fridge
by Urbanliving1965 February 28, 2020
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The best LEGO franchise in existence, with a successful 15-wave-long LEGO set line and an equally successful 13-season-long TV show. The stars of the show? A team of ninjas with Avatar-like powers. Kai can bend fire, Cole can control earth, Jay can summon lightning, Zane can create ice, Nya can harness water and Lloyd can use energy, the most powerful element in existence. Led by Master Wu, they face many threats such as Lloyd’s evil father (who is also Wu’s brother), skeletons, snake people, stone warriors, The Overlord, Nindroids, a power stealing maniac, ghosts, sky pirates, an evil genie, time travelers, Lloyd’s evil princess girlfriend, dragon hunters, Oni demons, fire snakes, ice warriors, a cursed video game and most recently, an evil sorcerer
Ninjago is the best!
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by Flatblok71 October 19, 2020
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