adverb do describe something done in an agile and surreptitious manner; to be sneaky, stealthy, or covert.
I snuck in ninja style to get some picts of Jenny having sex.
by Mr.Business April 27, 2004
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1.Of or relating to a ninja being highly skilled in combat, stealth, and covert actions. Most often known for being stealthy and deadly assassins.

2. The ability to perform duties efficiently and without hesitation to the highest level of perfection without detection

3.An action against a person without the victim knowing what hit them
In MMA, Travis The Hurricane's fighting skill can only be described one way...Ninja Style
by Madnass July 08, 2012
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Karate chopping a girl in the back of the head while you're doing her from behind
Ninja style!...


Girl: Hey needle-dick, you just karate-chopped me in the head!

Guy: Trying different positions was your idea.
by Diego Poop January 02, 2010
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Ninja Style - In and out without her knowing!
Usually happens when the 'taker' has passed out drunk.
John slipped one in Ninja style.
by Minges and all! April 15, 2003
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Used in gaming to describe a higly skilled kill.
Did you see me jump off that roof and ninja style that guy in the back?
by goa']['ice May 19, 2004
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When you rape something or someone then kill it and then rape it again

I'll rape you in the woods, cut your head off and fuck the hole, if you ever try pullin shit with me
RAPE, KILL, RAPE is all i do every day of my life, To your mother, I'm So hardcore, I'm so NINJA STYLE
by Kayla Marie The Dinosaur July 27, 2011
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