You take a parrot and place it on the womans shoulder, then while stood behind her shout 'Polly want a cracker?!' When she turns around to see what you are doing you bob down and lick her love tunnel without her expecting with such force and vigor she looses her footing twist her ankle and walks like she has a peg leg to the bed with a parrot still on her shoulder.
Friend: Why are you walking like a pirate?
Girl: Oh, that's the result of a nuff buff piece of ass doing a Ninja Pirate on me...
by AWTH August 1, 2017
If one of these existed, he would be the coolest person on the planet. All would bow down to him or be destroyed by his laser eyes.
The Ninja pirate practices ninjitsu on the high seas.
by Captain Asshat April 25, 2005
a pirate that is skilled in the arts of ninjary, they can pilfer and slice at the same time. They are terribly sneaking. They have no equals.
That ninja pirate came out of nowhere and slayed 6 people.
by sweet serenity November 12, 2007
An indistructible being. You will try to fight this being and die...horribly. It will tear you to shreds then sleep with your whole family...shortly after the sex it will then kill them too.
The zombie ninja pirate killed my friend fucked his family and killing them shortly after!?!?? O NOES RUN!!
by Guy Is Awesome November 10, 2007
Ninjas- pretty much teh coolest in teh world, with their fighting skills and uber fast skills and uber hot babe saving skills.

Pirates- hoo cant love some1 hoo wears an eyepatch, an awsome hat, owns teh coolest parot, may be mising a leg or hand whcih can be replaeced by a hook or peg of course, i mean ther pretty much the best team up with ninjas.

cowboys - gey.
Ninjas, pirates and cowboys:
Ninjas and pirates agree cowboys suck.
A drink made with hot chocolate, Kahlua, rum, and peppermint schnapps. It was rumored to be created at Kirkwood ski resort by a ninja to warm up cold snow ninjas after a long day enjoying powder.
Cold Guy: Bartender, give me a peppermint patty.
Bartender: Did you really just order that?
Cold Guy: What? I wasn't finished yet! That is for my girl. I'll take a hot ninja pirate.
by snowl0ver February 22, 2011
A combo of the four greatest forces of the universe, it is only found in the Kingdom of Loathing (kol). It requires many pieces to even form the head, and is not only a loyal servant, but a symbol of status. As put in the games's description,
Hi-yaa, yarrr, braaaaains, bleep
Schizophrenic familiar
Four bastards in one
Is most commonly seen abbreviated, as NPZR.
Man, making a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot is annoying as hell.
by Badgerman of DOOM August 30, 2007