Noncommittal interjection favored by pirates (and their admirers) as a response to statements unlikely to produce a reasoned discussion. Useful while interacting with the ill-informed, tendentious, deliberately obtuse, and the simply boring. Because of its phonic similarity to “yes”, “yeah”, it has the virtue of being misunderstood as an expression of agreement. This helps the bag-o-wind feel that their statement has been adequately received thereby allowing them to produce more statements that are devoid of intellectual worth but still entertaining.
“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

The buck stops with everybody.”
by Yo.ho.ho June 1, 2020
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an excited way of saying "yes" in terms of agreeing to a statement or answering a question. most often said in a tone of voice relating to lil waynes in "you aint got nuthin'" at 3 minutes and 16 seconds into the song.
drive through voice: would you like a coke with your combo meal?

customer: Yarrr!!

Drive through voice: $4.19 at the first window.

customer: Yarrr!
by foshodownloproho January 26, 2009
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