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The best pair of running shoes you can purchase. They range from 50 dollars to 190 dollars. Almost all dedicated athletes have used asics sometime in thier life. Smart Japanese engineers design them in Japan. Once you buy a pair, you will 90 percent most likely only have asics as your running shoes for the rest of your life.
14/15 track athletes at the city running club use asics for training

Runner's World Magazine: " the Asics GT-2110 is voted the best running shoe of the year. This shoe is an update to the GT-2100, which also won the running shoe of the year last year."
by bcyyo December 15, 2006

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A bad brand of nike sneakers often geared for heavier people who are not athletes of any sort. These sneakers are always 100+ dollars They will use these shoes to walk the mall or walk around school. They are said to bounce but thats bull talk. Real athletes that train 4-20 hours a week simply do not use nike shoxs. They use higher quality equipment such as Asic and New Balances. Nike Shoxs are just hunks of plastic that look good but are not good for you in any way or form. They are also twice as heavy as some decent running shoes.
Track Athlete just finishes an interval workout: ahh what a nice workout, these Asics Speedstars are light
Rich Kid who can't run: those shoes look like crap, there not even shiny. My Nike Shoxs are so much better, I got them for 170 dollars.
Track Athlete: Your shoxs have no use, they don't have cushioning and also they weight like 18 ounces. Shoxs are the worst shoes that are sold anywhere.
by bcyyo December 15, 2006

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