A freedom fighter, of the ebony race, dressed in a business suit, and donning an afro. He crashes into places where he is not wanted, like the Habbo Hotel. His purpose is to fight oppression by making sure that the pool is closed. Due to AIDS.

True nigras are anonymous, they invade in great numbers, they perform flawless SWASTIGETS, and most importantly, they NEVAH FORGET.
"Why all these nigras around the swimming pool? And why they beating me up?"
by AnonNevahForgets October 22, 2006
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thanks to those nigras and their hip hype style music, the shitty 80s music came to an end
by themacal December 3, 2006
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One who dons the persona of an African American online, generally to impose on or offend Internet communities. They can be seen as similar to 4chan's anonymous. Of course, the nigra trend got its footing in places like 4chan. 98% of the nigras can be suspected of not being an actual black person.
Hey, did you hear about the nigra attack? They were EVERYWHERE!
by AmyGra February 12, 2008
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A derogatory term for a black female, based off of the n-word. It was commonly used in the southern USA by whites in the 1960’s.
Racist person: “That nigra can’t be trusted
by wublovah3000 February 27, 2021
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The baddest person you know. Someone with so much swag that's its fucking ridiculous. This person literally oozes awesomeness. A bonefide gangsta.
Man, dat bitch is a real nigra!
by ghettopadawan May 29, 2012
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A person that is black and a female tiger.
He is a nigras.
by Lit in the boat fam. December 19, 2016
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When you're boning a lady and you orgasm, letting out a thirty-second long primal scream, like OG Mudbone does.
Fred: Dude, we fucked so hard last night.
Peter: Did you go loud nigra on her ass?
Fred: You bet I did.
by Falsifications July 1, 2016
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