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A name, stemming from an ill-fated fictional character, lent to any of a number of personality types, including self serving, nancy-boy, parasol carrying goth wannabes, dickheads, morons, douche-bags, imbeciles, and generally any one person who causes extremely forceful instances of anger, fear, hatred, annoyance, or pure, soul-seething hatred at the mere mention of their name. Also; one whose name inspires fear of subsequent appearance. An immense cock, seeming to be brazenly insensitive about the problems of people around him. In actuality, he is too moronic to see past himself and his magic marker-drawn wrist scars
"Look at that Twi-Tard, he's a total Nightbreak"

Person 1: "Remember Nightbreak?"

Person 2: "Shhh! Do you want him to show up?!"
by grimsmote June 13, 2011
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