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A racial slur for a black homosexual

A racial slur for a black person with alot of gay looking bling like Liberachi wuold wear
You see that niggerachi? He was staring at Steve like he wanted his dick real bad!

You see that black dude with all his bling? He looked like a niggerachi.
by Steamer T-Cona Champ September 16, 2009
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a gay black man, derived from the famous gay piano player liberachi.
man that niggerachi is shure good at giving anal and other gay shit.
by taylor February 27, 2005
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First defined as a black homosexual man, the term has transformed its shaped to mean anything it embodies which you might encounter in your daily life that tries to turn you out, be a hoe-ass player hater, or fuck up your game.
That big ass roach I've seen outside lurking around my back door for the past 3 days is trying to Niggerachi me!
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ September 19, 2019
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a black man who follows his dreams of being a mariachi
I went to eat carne asada at the Mexican restaurant and that niggerachi was playing guitar
by Lashawnda November 14, 2006
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i was walking down the streets in Cuba, and all i could see were a bunch of Niggerachi's
by ak47488 April 21, 2010
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