Get beat at something very badly; Getting annihilated at head to head competition.
Damn you just got your ass Nick'd 70-7
by Ga Southern January 3, 2008
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A coloquial term popular in rural New Zealand. The act of being thoroughly taken advantage of by a loved one, usually because of laziness or selfishness on their part.
Your boyfriend just sat on his ass on the computer while you did everything? You got straight Nick'd!
by Wubbalubbadubbdubb August 31, 2016
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Buying so many drinks for a girl that you intend to sleep with and the end result is her making out with another girl at the bar
Dude you totally Nick'd that one up.
by sully4real May 28, 2014
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Getting 100% obliterated at your own wedding reception to the point of missing your own afterparty. Blacking out from a constant stream of alcohol at your wedding, much to your new wife's dismay.
"Ari, if you get Nick'd tomorrow during the wedding we are getting an annulment immediately."
by TheERSlimShady June 24, 2018
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When your friend tags you in something you don't appreciate, so you unfriend their goofy ass.
Riley tagged me in some trash, he is going to be Fat Nick'd
by Conroy September 29, 2017
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When a portly middle aged woman dresses in flowing clothing to disguise the fact that she is portly.
When Stevie Nicks got really big and dressed in flowing clothes to hide the fact she was much bigger than she was in her prime. i.e- "That chick is Stevie Nick'd."
by ultrahonky December 23, 2011
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