I saw Prizzi in a photo and i had to go visit.
by Prizzi#2 December 3, 2010
The cutest couple ever! Everyone ships PRizZy and loves them. So cuteee
PRizZy is the cutest couple ever!❤️
by swaggyannie November 10, 2018
PRizZy is a ship name between a boy named Preston and a girl named Yzzie! They are the cutest couple in school❤️ PRIZZY for life
by swaggyannie November 10, 2018
Someone who just picks to 2 kids to do her work and immediately puts the their sticks back after she calls on them
by Pokego October 30, 2018
When the preppy kid finally gets a taste of their own medicine.
Rin: Hey Tyler you know that rich preppy Glee

Tyler: Yea

Rin: Well she just got her prizzy and it was her own fault too

Tyler: No way 😂
by LEMOOOOOON January 18, 2021