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To 'whale' in a game or 'whaling' is a term for gamers or gambling addicts who spend a good huge amount of money on video games or casinos. Since a whale is huge and they pay hugely for gambling or gaming, you can see why this is a thing.

With gamers, microtransactions existed for them within free-to play games (e.g. loot boxes, in-game currency, booster packs, cosmetics, etc.), gacha-like games, mobile games, battle-royale games or anything along those lines.

Gamblers are people who whale tons of cash on slot machines, poker and other natures of casino games and gambling.

"Whales" was a phrase first used by video game publishers to describe their main customers who insufferably liked to gamble their money for in-game items.
Bob: "Hey, Dylan. Guess what happened: I convinced my mum to buy me V-bucks and I spent a heck load on Fartnite last night. So cool, dude."

Dylan: "That game is for toddlers. I see why you needed her to buy it for you. Because toddlers rely on their mummies, and you like to whale money within a crappy game, to buy things you don't need. Player Ultimate Battlegrounds is way better than your game."

Sarah: "Guys, guys, guys... come on. It's not that bad. I spend my free time whaling my student funds on Weeb/Grand Order to get the best units with Gacha hatchers and to be a better player, haha... I think I'm the worst than both of you combined."
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by Taz (The Legend) June 28, 2018
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when a man uses his weiner as a harpoon to impale an obese woman
John's into whaling these days, looks for targets at Weight Watchers meetings.
by DJAD May 09, 2007
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The act of having sex with a fat girl who's fanny flaps resemble the tail fin of a diving humpback whale.
"I don't understand why the Japanese like whaling so much. Have they got no taste?"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
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A competetition whereby two or more people go out with the purpose of sleeping with the fattest possible members of the opposite sex. The one with the highest weight total wins and multiple copulations count towards the total value.
Des Moines, Iowa is a great spot for whaling. Me and bob went out and I bagged a 350 pounder!
by Sean S. December 09, 2003
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Whereas sharking involves picking on one group of people to try and get with, whaling just involves opening ones mouth and letting anyone (or anything) go in.
#1: Mate, he gave up sharking ages ago he just opened his mouth and let that fat chick come on in.
#2: That's what whaling is for!
by the.personator June 10, 2010
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To brag or gloat about ones self.
Mike: I've gotten 100% on every test I've ever taken.
Jeff: Oh, get over yourself and stop whaling it!
by Kal-EL777 May 12, 2008
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