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(v) To completely and utterly defeat an opponent during competition.

To win with great extent. A humiliating defeat causing shame upon your dynasty.

May result in your disownment. Never being the same again.
"We were playing Super Smash Bros. and, needless to say, he got neutered."
by homb July 03, 2014

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The law of total probability that decides it will be your turn to be without toilet paper in the bathroom.

All at the same time, there is not a spare roll within a 12-mile radius of your location. This may have you questioning what you did to deserve this or why bad things happen to good people.
"I prayed to God asking not to be hit with the Toilet Paper Conundrum."

"I still haven't recovered from that Toilet Paper Conundrum yesterday."
by homb July 04, 2014

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