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A great little country nestled between Belgium and Germany. People speak Dutch there and go everywhere on a bicycle. They're famous for their tulips and windmills, but they have great cities too. Go there and check out the awesome art, fachion , and architecture.
"I'm going to the Netherlands this summer to get down with my Dutch homies."
by Chickee April 22, 2005
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Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
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European country North of belgium, east of the UK and west of Germany. The people there speak Dutch. The Netherlands is also known as Holland, however Holland is just a province. The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam.

Non-Dutch people often think that the language Dutch is German. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Dutch is NOT german for german, but Dutch for Dutch.

In Dutch:
"Ik ben Nederlands."
"I'm Dutch."

I'm Dutch, I'm from The Netherlands and I speak Dutch.

by Jafje May 06, 2007
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a little country who could do nothing from 1900's to 1950's except producing weed. they ignored the fact that only god can create land and created 2,412 kmยฒ of land. Indonesia had spices and the Netherlands was like: 'real shit tho?' and colonized it. everytime a meme is related to nederland, they say: "G E K O L O N I S E E R D" wich means colonized. once the netherlands came under the direction of the spanish king through family and things. then a random dude came up to say that everyone should be Protestant (something like Catholic but without gold paintings). then the netherlands was like: 'he is a genius' and started building his protestant churches. the spanish king did not like this and started killing everyone. then there was eighty years of war and then the Netherlands had won. if all countries were all on a small separate island with only five people, America would look for oil at another island, Britain would colonize islands, and the Netherlands? he had made an island big enough to grow tulips. also, please watch out. you might confuse the netherlands with hell

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v gif of the legenend of the flying dutchman v
you saw that new kid? i think he's from the netherlands... i checked his browser history and the only thing i saw was tulip porn...
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by elmo_is_watching_ya December 30, 2020
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The only country in the whole wide world where you can buy Marijuana in a shop. It's the best country in the WORLD!!
Im'a smoke me some ganja while staying in the netherlands
by Ganjasmoking March 31, 2011
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