An innuendo for a the sexual reproductive organs.
Johnny: Oh man I'm gonna get put the old of staff of life right in Sarah's Netherlands tonight!
by TheBerries October 22, 2014
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My country: above Belgium and next to Germany. The beautifull Northsea creating a coast with lots of beaches.
Very modern with very big city's but also small ones. Famous designers for shoes, clothes and bling-bling.
And NO we don't wear wooden shoes, that's like 300 years ago lol! The windmile is very rare here, because it's so boring! :P

The weather is either good or bad, it depends. Our language is cool and we use many weird expressions such as: Dat breekt mijn klomp
( That breaks my wooden shoe )as in: I'm suprised by this, Im shocked

Our gouverment is very soft, the jails are like hotels with playstations and it's legal to have 5 grams of weed/pod/dutch with you!!!
Dutch person A: Alles goed?

Dutch person B: Ach doe gezond man, wat is niau?!

Dutch person A: Je bent een sjembek dat zeurt maar je weet niet wastkeburt :P

Dutch person B: stfu....
by Robinio June 06, 2005
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a fictional place where peter pan lives, fights with captain hook and all the widdle orphans live forever. and wendy would lose her bloody button and then make out with jeremy sumpter.

or maybe i got it wrong...
by badkisser March 18, 2006
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a little country who could do nothing from 1900's to 1950's except producing weed. they ignored the fact that only god can create land and created 2,412 km² of land. Indonesia had spices and the Netherlands was like: 'real shit tho?' and colonized it. everytime a meme is related to nederland, they say: "G E K O L O N I S E E R D" wich means colonized. once the netherlands came under the direction of the spanish king through family and things. then a random dude came up to say that everyone should be Protestant (something like Catholic but without gold paintings). then the netherlands was like: 'he is a genius' and started building his protestant churches. the spanish king did not like this and started killing everyone. then there was eighty years of war and then the Netherlands had won. if all countries were all on a small separate island with only five people, America would look for oil at another island, Britain would colonize islands, and the Netherlands? he had made an island big enough to grow tulips. also, please watch out. you might confuse the netherlands with hell

|| ||
v gif of the legenend of the flying dutchman v
you saw that new kid? i think he's from the netherlands... i checked his browser history and the only thing i saw was tulip porn...
via giphy
by elmo_is_watching_ya December 30, 2020
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Ofcourse it's (...)ing boring here, but the UK is nothing better, shut up Sjembek. *superiority feeling* Anyway. The country now known as Belgium was once part of Holland, untill they stood up against the dutch king for letting them slack off. Now we have a frikkin small country and make fun of the Belgian people. The Netherlands are known for the Delta Works, which is a wonder of the modern world. We invented some snacks like Kroket and Frikandel, etc. Things like wooden shoes, windmills etc. are all in the past, although some still wear it, for example farmers. We are also known for tulips, weed, red light district and eating raw fish.
"Where do you live?"
"In The Netherlands"
"Oh, you mean with the Hookers and weed?"
by Jan peter Balkenende October 13, 2005
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A post-colonial novel by Joseph O'Neill about A Dutch, cricket playing banker who has trouble adjusting to life in New York, plays cricket, and and rambles on about it.

P.S: It is officially gone B.O.A (Barack Obama Approved)

"A great book"
Dave: How the fick did Chuck die in Netherland? O'Neill is such a wanker for not explaining it.

Phil: It's a shit book, so why should you care?

Dave(with a resentful expression): True

Phil: LOL! XD Havent you heard, Taspinar is Chuck risen from the dead! Only the messiah could deliver such monologues.


Phil: Chuck's out of time and space, you know... or did you not know that?
by slinshady October 08, 2009
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