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A deliberately juvenile word used to mock someone less fortunate or who you have just 'got one over' on.
Nap: "Hey! I've got a great new mobile phone!"

Jo: "Yeah? Well I have bigger boobs, nerr!"

Nap: "But I'm a bloke!"

Jo: "Yeah? Ya Mum!"
by Nap July 30, 2004
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A word often used by the nerdy character Francis in Super Paper Mario for Wii. It is used as both an exclamation and a title on a forum that Francis visits.
“Nerrrrr herrr herrrr herrrrrr! This is so hi-technicaaaaaal!”
Francis, Super Paper Mario
by Hunter X April 09, 2009
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What to say if some one else says something really lame, or if you find yourself in a really lame situation. It is accompanied by a face where one eye is squinting and your mouth forms an 'O' shape on the opposite side of the face as the squinting eye. You may also use various pitches to say nerr, if you want to spice things up, or sing it.
Ben: I like to run about and hunt wild pigs
The World: Nerrrr!


You sit down on a bus and a fat redhead woman starts to talk to you. You could nerr her to her face or privately nerr about her amongst your friends.
by Life. April 27, 2008
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a word to express one's aggravation towards life's annoyances.
Nerrrr.. I can't get this damn suitcase to close!!!

Nerrr!!! That whore stole my man.

I can't find my pink thong...Nerrrr!!!
by Moishe & Shlomo August 22, 2008
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A word someone can use when they don't have anything else to say. Can be used to describe emotion.
"I feel so nerrish today"

Person 1: " So you wanna go bang?"
Person 2: "...nerrr!!!"
by Sydney Lovehandles January 23, 2008
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One Who is Completely Black not bleach mainly Coming from the southside of California, and is not like others.They Base There Lives on B.O.E black over everything
Yo, Wassup My Nerr Keepin It Boe ?
Hell yeaah my Nerr Ferr!
by NoyFoyShoy March 09, 2010
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a word thats used to indicate someone looks really retarded and gay.
"Omg did you see that picture on Kmckem's facebook?!"

"Yeah all I could say was nerr, because she looked so fugly"
by LOLZBITCH December 13, 2008
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