A childrens toy commonly used for office warfare.
There is a Nerf Gun in my desk.
by fireDUcks April 25, 2010
A sexual toy used to shoot a detachable penis into the vagina.
Jan: Lets use the nerf gun tonight
Jessie: Sounds good!
by Jake3454 May 26, 2012
The Pre-Evolved form of Airsoft Gun or otherwise know as a "pussy gun"
Hey Tom, I just got a new nerf gun!!! Wanna shoot stuff with me!!!

Tom: pussy
by Ty123 April 16, 2010
A toy gun by Nerf that shoots foam out of the barrel by a trigger
by Cambodia1132 May 31, 2021
When you turn and begin jacking off in secret from your friend, then turn just before climaxing, yell surprise, and shoot your load into his/her mouth.
Josh: Hey do you remember that time I surprise shot my cum into your mouth?
James: Yeah you Nerf Gunned me hard.
by Paikun May 16, 2016
The coolest kind of king around that is super badass. May have autism.
Dakota the nerf gun king was BADASS
by Nerf gun king April 26, 2022
Nerf gun sex is were you invert your penis into a nerf gun
Today i had nerf gun sex
by Breadchan October 28, 2020