A gathering of humans with above average IQs who enjoy activities associated with nerds. At these gatherings there is talk, dance, food, song, games, video and other forms of entertainment. There is minimal to no alcohol/drugs, with the only 'highs' coming from laughter and caffeine. Participants are nerdfesters, nerdfestivites, or some other such name.
Person1: We had a nerdfest down in my basement from five to eleven.
Person 2: Wow, I wish I had been there.

Person 1: Are you going to the nerdfest tonight?
Person 2: I have work so I will be there late.
by Nibs95 November 27, 2010
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A crazy gathering of the nerdiest people you can imagine, usually taking place in the basement of one of the aforementioned nerds. Crazy things will go down when these nerds get together, with the violence and insanity of cesium exploding inside the toilet of a well-known celebrity.
Jerry: That nerdfest last night was insane!

Bob: Yeah! When we play Trivial Pursuit, we play it HARD!
by birdman-vladimir November 27, 2010
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any event or gathering of nerds during which the enjoyment of a nerdy subject is experienced.
the lord of the rings philosophy lecture at my college was a nerdfest: it attracted nerds and the subject matter was extremely nerdy.
by veryhappychica January 5, 2005
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