The place the nerds stay.

COINED by Richard(David Spade) in wordTommy Boy/word
"My fellow nerds and I will retire to the nerdery with our calculators."

- Richard in _Tommy Boy_
by larstait October 29, 2003
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1.) The act of nerding.
2.) Any establishment in which nerding takes place.
1.) "Damn you and your love of nerdery!"

2.) "Let's hit the nerdery and see what's cracka lackin with the nerd posse."
by Treacherous_B April 8, 2004
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A collective noun for a group of nerds
All the nerds in the nerdery agreed that an education is no guarantee against ignorance.
by Scabbardash June 1, 2018
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Location where a mass of nerds exists such as si-fi convention, WOW forum, or etc.
by BRDR March 2, 2011
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A gaggle, flock, or group of nerds.
"So I see your found the nerdery." - As stated to a non-nerd to his nerdy friend as he sees her in a group of other nerds at the X-Men 3 movie premiere.
by Charles Garcia May 26, 2006
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A place where nerds can hang out and coalesce without fear of retribution. Examples include The Library Bistro
"Lets go to the Bistro. It looks like a nerdery"
by Jaktesh August 17, 2007
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The term you use to describe a group of Software Developers.
You'll need to run this past the nerdery to make sure it's scripted right.
by nzdrea June 1, 2018
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