Someone who only likes female, and non-binary people.
by tobiosunathing March 23, 2021
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Neptunic is the attraction to non-men. For someone who is a man, or maybe doesn’t have a gender and isn’t comfortable with lesbian as they feel it’s more feminine aligned , they would be neptunic! Though non-men who are attracted to non-men fall under the label of Lesbian. Do remember Lesbian is not an umbrella term and shouldn’t be treated like one when referring to someone who is neptunic.
“i like women and non-binary people, what’s my sexuality?”
“I am Neptunic!”
by ploobtoob June 17, 2021
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Neptunic means you are any gender attracted to non males. So if your neptunic you don't like men/any thing that falls under the male umbrella. It is often mistaken as lesbian, but you cannot be a male lesbian. You can be a he/him lesbian though. You can be a male neptunic.
"I'm neptunic." "Gay."
by Seven.ivs February 17, 2022
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1) Roman equivalent of Poseidon.
2) 8th planet from the sun.
Neptune is underrated.
by The local Argentinian guy October 3, 2021
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The attraction to women, and non-binary people. It can also be described as the attraction to all people except men and man aligned and/or masculine aligned non-binary people. This orientation is mostly used by non-binary people to describe their attraction without relying on the gender binary, but it can be used by anyone. The term can be used as a sexuality on it's own or can be combined with other orientations.
Jade- I like non-binary people and women but not men, I think I’m lesbian :)

Sage- That means you’re neptunic! :D
by Platypus_gogo12 March 24, 2021
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Neptune is a character from a visual novel/rpg game series and recent anime

She loves Japanese pudding cups and hates eggplants to "trama" nep is often used to refer to the character as neptune in Japanese is a difficult word to pronounce
She is often associated with hyper activity and lack of work
Neptune didn't get her work done today, again
by Neptune#5904 November 14, 2018
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