A Nepali Discord Server based on the anime One Piece where a group of clowns does everything except talking about animes. Especially One Piece. The server gets super active when a girl enters the chat. cuz why not.
....New Member Joins One Piece Nepal....
He/She : Hi, im a girl UwU
....69 others enter the chat....
She : I wanna watch One Piece
Daku : ?ban @she you are banned from the server for talking about one piece.
....69 people leave the chat....
....with tears....
by RedPlay January 23, 2022
Jay Nepal, a discord server is an entertaining and warm place where you get to interact with others and also listen to live music, almost every day.
Person 1: Haha, Jay Nepal, Discord is trash.

Person 2: Oh, you mean you just got banned of your edgyness?
by Discord Community Of Nepal January 29, 2021
Usually a man with a nice pair of titties, usually shy and reluctant to let people grab them. Likes shitty music as well.
Mike: Damn, that girl is cute man. I should talk to her.
John: HE is a Nepal San.
Mike: Ew nevermind
by Ya boi emp April 5, 2018
Oh hey you are from "NEPAL"
तपाई नेपाली हो
by नेपाली December 26, 2020
NOT a part of india. The best country in the world because you can learn to drive a motorcycle/scootie at age 9. don't ask what a scootie is, all you have to do is go to nepal to ride one. You can go to mount everest where it lays in nepal, or you can go look at LITERAL heaven lake RaRa. You also can eat MoMo everywhere it's so good. the best girl in the world , sriyam is born there- (she has a youtube channel and is basically a celeb. also a tik tok and her @ is Sriyuhhhm she can tell you a lot about nepal.
person one- bruh... i was looking on a map and theres some place in india called 'nipple' LMAO
person two- bruhhh its not 'nipple' its Nepal and it's not in india.... Nepal is the best country in the world my dude.
by purplerapist May 14, 2020