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Modern personal pronouns used by people whose gender lies outside of the male/female binary in place of 'they'.
An example of neopronoun is:

Zir name is
Ze went to the cinema
by Deskara_Brenna October 03, 2015
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Dumb pronouns for tucutes/transtrenders who want to feel special. Neopronouns should only be acceptable in a language where they/them pronouns do not exist.

Neopronouns can actually make real trans people feel dysphoric or silly
transtrenderβ„’: My pronouns are xe/xir/xirself !!!1!1!!1 I am a soft lil trans flower boi and should be protec from the yucky cis people uwu I use neopronouns because I'm cooler than you! owu
by im the drummah roger taylah December 28, 2018
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Gender nuetral pronouns, that are commonly used by nonbinary people, examples would be : xe\xir\xirself, ze\zir\zerself, ey\em\emself
Xe loves music.
Xir went to the mall.
My neopronouns are xe.
by King_ollie May 16, 2018
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Special words for special degenerates. If someone unironically wishes to be referred to by imaginary words, chances are that they're mentally deranged
Typical leftist shithead Tinder bio:
Poly/fat/queer/femme disabled communist. My neopronouns are xer, xim, and xyself. Live laugh love! White boys and trump supporters don't swipe right
by lesbianblogger January 11, 2019
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