To know all there is to know about a person and they don't realize or they are so conceited that they cannot identify the reality; to be almighty and know what they did not know you know...
When the chick knows you A-Z and she is into you..
Yes Zir anything can be turned into better

Zir I am flirting with you

Zir she knows you A-Z
by HaloTheHalo December 1, 2021
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A Zir is a GenZ emo who identifies as some dumbass shit and makes the rest of us try to take them seriously. They suck.
The zirs are at it again
by SillyMan108 October 8, 2022
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The object pronoun of ze/zir. These gender-neutral pronouns date back to 1864, yet the dictionary only tracks these pronouns to back from 1972.
Person 1: Ariel recently came out as non-binary.
Person 2: Really? What are their pronouns?
Person 1: Ze uses ze/zir.
by ThatNonBee March 10, 2021
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a gender neutral pronoun declaring possessive much like him or her. A transgender person would use said pronoun if their gender identity was neither or both.
Dude 1: Whose stuff is that.
Dude 2: Zir's stuff. Adrian.
by swaggityswaggie October 25, 2013
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When your parents tell you something they think is important and you respond with YES ZIR and they get a whip and slap ya all the way to China.
My dad told me to not help people in life and i said, "Yes Zir"
by ANdrerzPAnderz February 19, 2020
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