a kid who has gotten the ladies all his life. He gets so much ass that I had to stop giving him ass casue he was getting to much. But how could i resist that sexy body. He's my Italian Stallion
Man that guys so hot he reminds me of nello.
by Gina March 11, 2005
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N. A cute bubble-butt - typically owned by Asian guys. Whereas Caucasian guys typically have virtually no asses, the average Asian man has a nice rounded bottom.
"That Jiang has the cutest nello ever!"
by gwen invented nello December 12, 2005
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a very arrogant, condescending, pompous person who unintentionally entertains others with repetative gestures. some which include: swaying of the hand while walking, fist in front of mouth while laughing, walking heel to toe, and always telling someone "nah its alright", when clearly a situation is not ok.This being can be very sensitive at times, but for the most part it obsesses over cooking and how it can be compared to great sex.
Wow, did you hear how cocky that guy just was, that was sooo nello.
by rtg7724 November 12, 2006
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This involves first removing your chosen victim to the bathroom, when pumping her you lightly tap her head off the bath until her nose bleeds. Then when she gets up to wash her face in the sink you pump her from behind.

When you have finished walk out and into your room and act like nothing has happened. When she joins you, ask her to leave - You dont have to be polite about this. You do however, turn into a gentleman again as soon as she leaves

Named after the first person to carry out such a deviant act. This term can be used to describe anyone that carrys out any such intollerable acts (especially whilst drunk)
I angry nello'ed that bird good and proper last night. I think she is still crying.
by Twizzler dude October 11, 2006
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A adjective often used to refer to Alesandro Forcati or his father Antonello
by Non cappo September 22, 2021
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The greatest lego footballer to play the short zone on defense
Nello is so good at short
by anonymous2825959582 February 1, 2022
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