A blonde, leather clad, chocoholic anime character, who I consider glomp-worthy, even though no one else on Urban Dictionary does!
SOCRATENA: "I HAVE A DREAM! That someday, Mello will not be judged by the weirdness of his haircut, but for the content of his character!!!"
SOCRATENAS FRIEND: "who the hell is mello???"
by Socratena April 29, 2010
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An extremely hot guy who is a character from the anime named Death Note. He is judged a lot by people who are not fangirls of him. He is a chocolate loving, leather wearing mafioso who is, once again, really fucken hot, but is judged of looking like a girl, which I just don't see
Ashlyn:Mello is mine
Grace:No, Mello is mine!
by Mellodramatic October 01, 2011
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Epic dude.
Wears leather, eats chocolate, is trigger-happy and is PMSy most of the time. Most likely gay. Fuck buddy= Matt^^ (who is also epic- don't worry.
Mello pointed the gun at Near and growled.
by Matt'sLovurh. April 29, 2010
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Mello, birth name being Mihael Keehl, is a character in the anime and manga, Death Note. He's almost always eating chocolate and wearing black leather. Why he wears leather is beyond me. From personal experience, I find that it leaves me sweaty and uncomfortable while wearing leather. But whatever, I guess. I read somewhere that it's Mello's way of soliciting for gay sex, which I tend to believe. Onto the story…

After being told by Roger (a massive douche) that L had been killed by Kira (Light bulb Imagay), Mello promptly threw a hissy fit. He had to force himself to calm down and stop stomping on Near's puzzle to ask who L had chosen as a successor. When he was told that L had decided to be a lazy slacker and not choose ANY of the Wammy children to be his successor, Mello went batshit insane and joined the mafia.

In order to gain ranks in the mafia, he had to become the mafia boss's whore and take it up the ass quite often. Mello inherited the Mr. Badass Mafia Boss's position when said Mafia boss's penis disintegrated inexplicably. To save himself embarrassment and shame, he left his mafia-related responsibilities in Mello's incompetent hands and fled to Holland.

A few important things about Mello: He is always PMSing and eating mass amounts of chocolate. Yeah, like...always. His father was Willy Wonka, which makes Willy Wonka a deadbeat dad. Mello’s father failed to provide for his son. Why the fuck else would Mello be in an orphanage? I'll tell you why.

Just after Mello's third birthday, Willy Wonka was taken into rehab for his chocolate addiction. Just as he was on the road to recovery, he relapsed and died. Unfortunately, Mello inherited his father's life-threatening addiction, which eventually proved to be the blond hellion's demise.

Matt (Mail Jeevas, a.k.a., Mello's fuck buddy) would have been devastated because of Mello’s death, had he not been distracted by Fallout 3, or dead himself.

Mello will forever live on in the hearts of the few people who actually cared for him. Not a lot of people did, to be honest. Mello was prone to random bouts of rage, which probably stems from his feelings of anger toward his father for allowing himself to be trapped in the clutches of addiction, and passing that addiction onto his son.

Even though Mello was disliked by many, Near even outdid him on that. Everyone hates Near. Fuckin' Near. -_- Arrogant asshole.
Mello was one of the many victims of addiction. If you or someone you love suffers from an addiction, please seek professional help. Do not allow anyone else's life to be claimed by chocolate!
by L's Pocky January 18, 2009
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a cool easy going person, sometimes can mean lazy but main persona easy going and free, doesn't like rules, like a hippy, but not so much-- I'm really middle classed and i love the environment. also someone who is high as fuckkk, they be melloed-out
''yo theres pepe smokin a joint with that kid,''
''who is he?''
''i dno, but he's pretty mello''


''how are you?''
''mello as fuck maannnn''
by mrmendizenn December 22, 2011
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