He's the sexiest mothefucker on earth. Hes also the guy with a chocolate addiction and 100% better than you.
Person 1: Oh wow that's Mello!
Person 2: Ikr he's so cool!
by mello did it better March 3, 2021
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The leather-clad, biker chocolate addict from tha anime/manga Death Note.
by candi166 February 26, 2008
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Spar-tan Mel-los Brass Playing War Machines, Trained To Fight, Trained To Kill, Trained To Die But Never Will!!
by Academic Type January 24, 2005
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It's me cuz I am smooth and cool like dat... plus I dont over react to stuff I roll wit the punches
by Mello Man December 2, 2004
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- blonde boy that obsesses over being Number 1
I would just like to point out that Mello and Matt are not homosexual because some people have a tendency to portray them as such. They were only friends, and grew up at Wammy's House together. Mello worked with the Mafia.
mello is a badass
by Numbero1. September 18, 2019
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'mello cant say sally sells seashells at the seashore, he has a lisp.
by the mannnn March 21, 2003
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