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Negrin is a type of combination shot in game of pool and billiards (specifically rotation games like 9 ball and 10 ball), when you make early 9 or 10 ball to win the game without running all the balls in sequence.
Be a man and run'em out instead of trying to Negrin me.
What a shot, He just got Negrin'd by worst player in the house.
by sanforyou June 09, 2018
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A word used by educated black teens meaning an obscene-acting African American. When an educated black teen sees another do something ignorant, he will use this term in order to strike his point across in a humorous way.

This term originated when Trevor Phillips first learned about the country Montenegro from a native of that country who was visiting the California State University East Bay. He wondered about what the people called themselves. He came up the theory that they must be called "Montenegrins". Telling people about this rather humorous word, his friend Karl Rogers II shortened it to emphasize the funniest part of the word.

In no way is this word as a racial reference; It originated from the mind of an African American teenager.
Karl sees Trevor yelling out in public for no apparent reason.

Karl: Wow, you're acting like a fool right now ya' Negrin.

*Trevor laughs*
by VisexXxEvans July 01, 2009
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