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Good Lookin', smooth talkin', men and women descended from a Scottish clan of people not above piracy. The present day Neeley is also below acts of piracy and hooliganism.
Watch out, he's a Neeley.

I can't belive you jumped onto that boat and killed everybody! That was soooo Neeley!

Hedi Klum is Neeley
by Juan Twan July 08, 2006
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Someone often found in deep thought usually sitting in the position of The Thinker by Auguste Rodin except he is found sitting on a keg instead of a rock. While in the "thinking position" the Neeley often is a source of of knowledge, wisdom and crude humor. The Neeley is also a a great philosopher who finds pleasure in Pillaging, Drinking, Flogging, and Wenching. Neeleys' are often complimented for their diverse and intellectual vocabulary and for their beard growing and drinking abilities. Neeleys' also tend to be loyal friends and are often described as large teddy bears.
Wow...he is such a Neeley. What Would Neeley Do? That was such a Neeley move! Grizzly Adams had a beard, but nothing beats a Neeley beard! philosophy wenching drinking pillaging flogging beard
by Jimmy Sweatpants March 18, 2010
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