An Alien Gun used in the Bungie game series Halo. In Halo one, like all guns, in halo 2, they became dual weilable, but in halo 3 returned to single weild, the only one handed non dual gun. The fire long, slightly homing projectiles that explode after enough hit the target, normally around eight needles judging from halo three. It is mostly used if you dislike the spawn weapon and fear you will die soon or if you think you may surprise someone. The are used to easily get a "Beyond the Grave" medal in halo 3 since they only explode after a certain time. This is sometimes made in vain since if not enough needles hit, they will not exploded and dissappear as the shield regenerates.
A game using only the needler? this is crazy.
by Spencer J. B. October 30, 2007
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One with a very thin penis; resembling a needle. The opposite of a chode.
Bryce we all know you have a needler.
by Bigest D August 12, 2008
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To drink a pint or can of beer by placing it at the joint of the arm (where heroin users would put a needle) and with a clenched fist lifting the beer to the lips and downing it in one go. Also due to the inventors last name of Needham.
Oliver - Go on Tom give that beer the needler.

Tom - alright I'll needle one more!
by The Needham June 3, 2017
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THE best and worst gun in halo. On easy, it takes alot of individual needles, but if you fill someone with needles it REALLY,REALLY hurts. Also one of the coolest looking projectiles in ANY FPS (it fires little pink needles 4 fucks sakes!)
Dude1: why dont exploding needles do more damage individually?
Dude2: because ur gay.....
Dude1: U fuck, eat fully automatic needles!!!!!!!!!
Dude1: EAT PINK MOTHAFUCKA!!!!!!!!!!
by Dudeman01 March 8, 2005
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the pink stuff
that explodes
used mostly in halo
but may be found outside somewhere else
in the real world
Guy 1-hey dude whats u-wait. Whats that?
guy 2-its a needler
guy 1- u make it yourself?
guy 2-no dipshit i found it...fucking retard...
guy 1-say it to my face damnit
guy 2-ill say this
*pulls trigger*
*hundreds of pink needles come out*
guy 1-aaaaa my eye!
by 8108 June 10, 2005
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The purple needle shooting hand gun in halo. also know as the Barny Jizz gun.
ha! i gave that dude a facial with the needler
by noodleman April 21, 2005
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The worst gun in halo

Primarly used by bad kids and people not trying
Ha! That queer is using a needler, must be terrible.

by Jissm April 8, 2006
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