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A wonderful hard boiled sweet, also a chunky monkey who likes to beat his meat in time to the can can whilst hanging upside down from a tree with one hand. Yes, the Murray-Mint is indeed a rare, and wonderful species of sweets with legs. collect their toffee wrappers and get a free lego toy!
loook, over there, in that tree! A SHINY SWEET WANKING MONKEY!
by Noodleman February 09, 2005
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The purple needle shooting hand gun in halo. also know as the Barny Jizz gun.
ha! i gave that dude a facial with the needler
by noodleman April 21, 2005
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Evolved from sockus cockus, a medi-evil goat who had a passion for cowboys and nuns.

In modern day language, refures to the passion for mounting nuns whilst wearing nothing but socks and a cowboy hat.
Billy goats gruff and the troll in a nun costume
by Noodleman November 22, 2004
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