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A sequel to the Need For Speed games. Most people hated it because it's was a rehash of the previous "Most Wanted" sequel. But if you are like me, aka one of the people that hated having to purposely crash onto police cars and police roadblocks to "level up" in Most Wanted, you probably loved Carbon. Because Carbon only requires you to interact with the police only when you accidentally bump onto them, and not be a mazohist and hit them on purpose.
Wtf... I need to purposely crash onto 10 roadblocks to level up? Why are you doing this to me, Most Wanted? Screw this. I 'll just launch Need For Speed Carbon.
by Dim_K December 15, 2011
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Released in late 2006, this was the twelfth title of the Need for Speed series. It was squeezed out just in time for Christmas, and it shows. Considered by many to be a major step down from the previous game in the series, Most Wanted, it featured a monochromatic and redundant environment, and severely dumbed down driving physics. Many of the cars, particularly the muscle cars, are poorly rendered and thin on complexity. Maybe Pro Street will be better.
This sucks. Let's go play Space Invaders.

I returned Need for Speed Carbon a day after I bought it.
by Fusion Jay January 27, 2008
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Bangin' music! And some cars and canyons and shit, THE VIDEO GAME
Me: godDAMN! The music is amazing
My friend: chill dude, you've been talking about how good the music in Need For Speed carbon is for five hours, sheesh!
Me again: but it is so good man! The fact they made dynamic strings like that in 2006 is fucking amazing!
My friend, tired and wanting to sleep: whatever, just wear headphones or something.
by NCR Ranger April 29, 2021
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A game where you race crew members on the canyons surrounding the city.
by Justicewithtacosandweed August 24, 2018
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