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3 definitions by NCR Ranger

When someone's brain is soo diluted with Jewish lies that they can't see past them or look to the truth. It's normally best not to talk to these people because you won't gain knowledge from them and you'll only go in circles while debating.
Don't worry about Billy over there.. His brain is just too Jew Fried.. There's nothing you can say that will get to him..
by NCR Ranger February 28, 2021
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A saying regarding the 2007 Need For Speed game Pro Street, where the player has to finish the Nevada highway speed challenge, but get totaled in the process. Or see another racer get totaled
"Ryo Watanabe is the showdown king"

(Gets totaled)
Me: haha get Nevada'd boi!
by NCR Ranger May 28, 2021
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Bangin' music! And some cars and canyons and shit, THE VIDEO GAME
Me: godDAMN! The music is amazing
My friend: chill dude, you've been talking about how good the music in Need For Speed carbon is for five hours, sheesh!
Me again: but it is so good man! The fact they made dynamic strings like that in 2006 is fucking amazing!
My friend, tired and wanting to sleep: whatever, just wear headphones or something.
by NCR Ranger April 29, 2021
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