An act of masturbation involving non-living organic material; specifically, one performed by night in a clearing at solstice while repeatedly grimvoking the name of the Necrowizard. Suitable receptacles for necrobation include the still-lukewarm carcasses of homopriests.

Coining credit goes to Seth Putnam of Impaled Northern Moonforest.
The kvlt necrolyte of Shub-Niggurath done a necrobation into the frozen orifice of the homocleric... bloodlustfully.
by Lord Grimcock August 12, 2007
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the grim and frostbitten doings of the necroyeti as he bloodlustfully praises satans unholy allmightyness in the woods at midnight.
the necroyetti necrobated on the norweigen mountain of yesiadhusduef.
by Kyla April 2, 2005
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Masturbating, knowingly or unknowingly, to pictures or video of a person who has passed away. (The pictures or video must have been taken while said person was alive, otherwise the act is sick instead of merely creepy.)
Ami Jordan died last week? Why didn't anyone tell me? Shit, that means I've been necrobating all this time!
by uwg June 22, 2010
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1. Masturbating with your hand after it has been cut off.
(EXTREEEEME the stranger)
2. Your penis has frostbite
and/or gangrene yet you still jack off.
3. You travel forwards in time and have sex with yourself after you've died.
4. You clone yourself, kill your clone, and jack off using its hands/rectum.
Phil was totally making too much noise last night during his necrobation session after his surgery. At least he's making the best of having gangrene.
by Sil Phung May 15, 2008
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The necrobation made me cum, but I still don't have the will to live.
by BMXXMB January 13, 2022
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