Someone that is loving and jokes about but if you get on there wrong side your going to know about it. They have great come-backs but when they are alone they over-think many things.
Neave- omg yu look soooo pretty today.
Amy-thanks Neave
by GeniallyAReallyNicePerson March 20, 2018
They will drop kick you and eat your hair.... Beware of the Neave's.
Neave: Kicks shins
Person: NOOOOooooooo *dies*
Neave: That's right! *starts to eat hair*
by #Beware-the-drop-kick-Neave February 25, 2021
Neave is the best girl ever! If your thinking about asking her out you 1000% should. She’s such a funny, beautiful, kind girl who will always be there for you. She’s the best friend/girlfriend you have always wanted
Yo, look at her who’s that?
That’s Neave
Damn Shawty lil baddie, she my lil boo tang
And shawty got the fatty

(shawty got the fatty)
Shawty be catching mood swingsss
by Justalaugh1234 September 9, 2020
A verb, noun, or adjective used in any given situation.
Neave: Avital wanna vc?
Avital: Nah Neave I'm just neaving for now, but later maybe ill neave, and after that I'll Neave with you
Neave: Iight baby sounds good. Lets Neave!
by neavealot December 31, 2010
The best BattleField 4 player in existence.(ps4) If he joins your server expect to get killed by him.
Shit neav keeps killing me. He’s carrying his team and they’re coming back to win.
by neav February 6, 2018
Hayden Neave is a strong alpha male which is ranked a Sith master, he is very good at football and will make any girl pregnant when he sees her
by Darth Neave November 24, 2021
Fakest girl you know, acts all kind but when ‘that’ girl is there she turns all bitchy.
by nakedscrumptiousmolerat April 18, 2020