An AMAZING artist, probably best known for his song So Sick.
Did you hear Ne-yo on the radio yesterday? His debut album is coming out on February 28.
by blogger_08 February 11, 2006
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the person talking about him being an idiot rapper is an idiot his/herself. ne-yo is a talented songwriter who composed the hit son ONE WISH by RAY J and other songs. the greatness of his songs totally just depends on your taste.
ne-yo has a new song called WHEN YOU'RE MAD.
by ne yo's mom May 10, 2006
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1. A queer, a faggot. A cock-sucking brother on the dl.

Terrance Dean, a member of the entertainment industry's gay sub-culture exposed ne-yo on his january 7, 2009 blog post.

Witnesses claim that Jim Jones got into an altercation with the brother of Ty-Ty Smith who is a long-time Jay-Z associate. What many people don’t know is that Ty-Ty’s brother is also the suspected “down-low” lover of Ne-Yo.

One rap industry veteran broke down the situation, “Most of us know how Ne-Yo rolls but we don’t trip cause he’s good people and he makes hits. The problem is Jones threatened to take things public a while ago after some ‘he-say, she-say’ bullshit."

The beef continued until it boiled over on Christmas Eve at the Louis Vuitton store in NYC. Although the police report has not been released, here are the details as we’ve heard, “Jim Jones started going off on Ty-Ty’s brother, and Ne-Yo tried to break-up the situation and in doing so jumped between them and pushed both guys away. Jones then said, “don’t put yo’ dick sucking hands on me nigga."
1. I don't swing that way faggot, I'm straight, I don't roll Ne-yo.
by Terrance Dean November 25, 2009
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Talented lyricist and singer. Has written songs for Mario (Let Me Love You), Rihanna (Unfaithful), Beyonce (Irreplaceable), and many other artists in the R&B music industry.
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
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an amazing songwriter who has his OWN style and also sings (not rap you assholes) and he is known for his song So Sick.He is responsible for hits such as Beyonce's irreplaceable and Mario's Let Me Love You.
Joe : Have you heard of that new Ne-Yo song "Because Of You"
Jane : Yeah ...I Like it .Will u stop stalking me now Joe?
by *#@!$Jasmine* April 10, 2007
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great singer, just reminds me of JOE, hope he comes back, he and JOE are almost the same in terms of songs and everything. Great soothing songs and great voice. Keep it up!
Dont think Ne-Yo is a rapper, but he owns all rappers, hahaha
by NeYoOwns August 10, 2006
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1)Any of the rare, Old World catfishes native to North American inner-cities. These catfishes weigh as much as 200 lbs and have an approx. length of 5'11". They are known for their distinctive dark brown color, wide-set slanted eyes and pug-like faces, and high-pitched whiny cries.

The collection of Ne-Yo's are popular among young, usually mainstreamer people who are frequent followers of popular music.

2) A boring singer, no different than the rest of this waste that is played on the radio. Some compared him to Michael Jackson which is a fucking insult because Michael Jackson was a child prodigy and a legend. Someone shoot Ne-Yo.

3) A person who so badly wants to be like Usher Raymond.

4) A tax right-off.
1) Mom: Guess what we're having for dinner kids?

Kids: What?

Mom: We're having fried Ne-Yo with coleslaw!

Kids: Yeaaaaa!

2) Shawquaniqua Tequila Alize: Girl, I'm gon' buy that new Ne-Yo album! He is the MJ of 2007! And he is sexy as fuck!

Fanaye: MJ of 2007? Go cut your wrists. And you need to listen to real music. This is recyclable goods.

3) Jason gets on my nerves dressing like an R&B superstar 24/7 and randomly busting out dance moves when you least expect. He is such a Ne-Yo!

4) During the Feb/March 2006 tax season, 60% of Ne-Yo's were sent to the government.
by twistedbabydoll May 30, 2007
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