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A Nazir is one who is always looking out for his family. Good sense of humor and knows when to be professional. Often likes spicy food to match his spicy personality. Very outgoing. Tend to be a world traveler but can be perfectly content where ever he finds himself. Overall great guy.
by obiwon46 February 05, 2010
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(noun)-1. A state of extreme badness;
2.One who does not nourish you but instead transmits everything you would ever need.
1. Dude I just died ten times in tutorial. Nigga you're a Nazir.
2.Instead of going to the free all you can eat buffet, I went to Nazir.
by MyLittleTrollin October 31, 2012
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Nazir is often known for his huge penis and his big ego he also is known for having anger issues and fucking about nazir's will also try and chat to your girl
Dude did you get angry your such a nazir
by Haha1278 November 15, 2018
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Nazirs are described as fat self-centered beings who are annoying and talkative. They are also described as very anti-social and they supposedly find it hard to make friends. They are also described to express how big their penis but unfortunately for every single lady it is a massive contradiction. It's height is 0.5 inches. Nazirs are also described to be a 'Teachers Pet' and is supposedly staying up late just to talk to girls.
"Did you pull a Nazir again by talking late at night with that girl?!"
by Leisterdyke December 24, 2017
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Plays basketball and has a trash jump shot Jonathan always breaks his ankles and he’s and idiot for thinking a basketball is gonna beat lebron for mvp race has no balls to talk with Siaraliz and always bites his fingers nails and he’s always biting his crispy toe and always put salt on the toe to suck his toes
by Big papa jasper toe nail May 02, 2018
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