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Naydelin is someone amazing someone caring talented and lets not forget how beautiful she is ! She has A LOT of friends and is a hugee flirt. Shes crazy fun outgoing and LOVES to party any guy that dates her is super lucky. Shes also faithful.

She can be the most amazing person that you have met but if you get on her bad side she will be your number one enemy.
Shes honest and will always keep it 100 with you and i think she's the realest person i've ever met. Most people just love her !
Naydelin has a Nice Smile, A Big Ass,Nice Eyes, Great Personality, Everything is amazing about her !
by Its a secret ;* August 04, 2012
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A Naydelin is a very outgoing person. She is also very straight up. If you get on her bad side, it will be very hard to get out, she can easily forget about you. A Naydelin is also very intellectual, talented, and beautiful girl. You will never forget about her. She can sometimes be kinda depressed and sometimes she just needs some space, and it's best that you give it to her. She is very trustworthy, BUT if you are on her bad side, she will use any information against you. Overall, Naydelin is very caring and understanding. She will most certainly catch your attention. Once you meet Naydelin, you'll see what I'm talking about.
Jake: I went to the movies with Naydelin today and we did dares and humiliated ourselves. We had a blast :)
by an.onymou.s July 31, 2017
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A beautiful, sweet, and loving girl, typically a latina. After loosing her it will be hard to get her back. She gives the best hugs and when she tells you that she’s there for you she truly means it. Even when you guys are on bad terms maybe you guys have broken up, she will still listen to you as long as you do back. She will never judge you for anything and she has the cutest smile. She likes to flirt A LOT mainly because she likes the attention, it’s easy to catch feelings for her but don’t be fooled by her. If you date naydelin make sure to show her that you care. Take pictures with her, go on dates, give her your hoodies, hug her and tell her you love her. Trust me she has most of the boys going crazy for her.
omg you’re dating naydelin you are so lucky

augh i’m so jealous of naydelin she is so perfect
by kendall 2000 February 08, 2019
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