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a common word used as a joke with the younger cround.

also used in joke form in a common movie called Borat.
"this suit is black Nawt."

"this suit is NAWT black."

"this suit is black.................NAWT!!"
by J to the second power. January 23, 2009
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A variation of the word "not," used by cliquey girls.
Massie: "Ehmagawd, I meant she should wear the gold Jimmy Choos, nawt the teal ones!!!"
by Cormany10 February 22, 2008
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NAWTS: (Not Associated With That Shit)

The act of being disconnected or not associated from certain people who are complete utter failures such as

Gangas, Playas, Junkies, bogans and rednecks.
Tom: Aye Bro can you hook us up with a joint.
John: NAWTS man!!

Jenny: Omg i hate her, why is she here, i know shes your cousin and all
Nancy: NAWTS seriously
by Lorie Nakasenh December 15, 2010
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NAWT=Nights and weekends time. AKA, the time when you call everyone you know cuz its 'free'! Not to be confused with naughty time or business time.
1. (via text message) No minutes. I'll holla atchu on NAWT.
2. Man, I don't care that Cingular is now the new AT&T. I still gots my NAWTs now don't I?
3. Nevermind those NAWTs. These wireless companies are taking me for a ride and leavin' me with naught.
by CBO-dogg October 22, 2007
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