The worst rank of geek. A geek that thinks they're cool because they're '1337'. However, most g33ks seem not to be aware that ones level of 1337|\|355 is inversely proporsional to ones chances of getting a girlfriend.
by Brendan September 13, 2003
wh0ah h3's s0 l33t h3'$ a g33k.
by w00tw00t April 6, 2003
Someone who thinks putting numbers into words, or adding "orz" onto the end of words is cool. The Language is generally refered to as "Geek Speak" or "g33k sp33k"
any internet nerd who uses geek speak - "1 4m W4y m0r3 1337 7h4n yuo! I rox0rz 4nd you suxorz" or "Fux0rz 1 got shorz0r3d 1n teh nu7z0rz"
by Gee k April 23, 2003
One who adds the word "sauce" into descriptions of random things.
by Oneironaut October 10, 2004
Root beer flavored energy drink from the makers of BAWLS Guarana energy drinks. It comes in a cool bumpy brown bottle similar to the regular blue Bawls bottle. Can be bought online, at some wal-marts, some 7-11s, and various grocery stores. Perhaps the hardest energy drink to find but the best tasting. 130 calories a bottle. Known to induce orgasms in one's mouth.
Guy 1: Dude you goin to Dave's LAN party this weekend? We got a whole case of red line!
Guy 2: Fuck that, its no LAN without BAWLS! Go get some G33k B33r! And have fun shaking.
Guy 1: Well, we might all have gay sex while we play Dave's new delaystaion 3.
Guy 2: I knew you were a fag!
by Keeep Out September 8, 2008
A computer geek with a great amount of computer experiance and understands 1337 Sp34k (leet speak).
The designer of this website is a 1337 G33K!
by Ivan Sumin January 8, 2004