Nawaz, Arabic meaning : prince, kind, loving and generous.
Prince Nawaz,is so damn handsome!!!😘
by It's me k August 29, 2018
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Arabic: Prince, charming and handsome
Friend: Have you seen Nawaz?
Friend 2: OMG hes so cute
by LouisDrake44 April 29, 2019
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A culprit.

The kind of man that you would give roofies to only to beat him while he is unconscious and make sure he wakes up on mount Snowdon surrounded by Nepali midgets ready to stab his shins with flick knives.

An Attention seeker.

A name dropper.

An annoyingly endearing person.
Person 1:Im friends with Nawaz -

Person 2: Damn...

Person 1: I know.
by Lazy Lady Y October 24, 2013
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Nawaz Sharif is a famous political thug of Pakistan who comes into power by fooling the people with his words and increases his wealth through corruption. He is considered to be one of the corrupt politician in Pakistan.
Nawaz sharif Agr DON Hota To Kahta:

Hamare Sir Pr Baal Aane Ka IntZar to 11 Dukanon k Hajam Kar Rahe Hain Lekn Takle Per Baal Aana Mushkil Hi Nahi NaMumkin bhi hae ..
by mrnobody105 January 16, 2011
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Nawaz Chungus is when Big Chungus took a wrong turn trying to escape the cops due to tax evasion and went into the holy house of Jamal... he followed Chungism and led a prosperous life.
Example: Bro I think I saw Nawaz Chungus yesterday at Walmart

Bruhhhhhhh (sussy baka)
by Murtuza June 29, 2021
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'Gift from God'
He's Rab Nawaz
by 123rty November 29, 2016
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The person I want to spend my life with. He is beautiful, caring, sweet, handsome, intelligent and funny. Everyone must get themselves an Ismail Nawaz. He loves cuddles and kisses.
I love Ismail Nawaz!
by j2saucee April 12, 2022
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