A persons back side which is shaped somewhat like a shovel; a flatt ass; or a long droopy ass.
Yo! That chick does't have an ass, she has a shovel butt!
by mpe~aka~Easy June 14, 2009
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Slang term for a penis, especially after anal sex.
Dan discovered that when digging with his butt shovel, it's not the X that marks the spot, but the O.
by Butt shoveler March 06, 2010
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The sexual act that involves two women on all fours backed up to each other butt-to-butt. A male then inserts his penis in to one girls butt and his balls in the other girls butt.

The advanced move requires both girls to clench around the their respective male members and crawl in opposite directions.
Hey Josh, can you wife come over tonight? Susan and I want to experiment with a soviet butt shovel and we need a second girl. You can hold the camera!
by BreakBeatDrums August 24, 2015
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