The day that sweetest, funniest and baddest people of all time are born. Most times they are gamers that are really good at what they do. Need to be cherished and respected at all costs!!
Su: omgggg Chey isn’t it your birthday
Chey: yea, April 8th. Stay mad.
by MaScBu October 21, 2019
National give the person whos birthday it is a dog
by Im a man of god. Ahhh October 20, 2019
The best babies are born here and they're usually the most loving, strongest, and smartest individuals, if you ever meet a person born in April 8 you should be their friend you guys could have a load of fun.
Guy 1: Yo whens your birthday?
Guy 2: April 8th why
Guy 1: I have a feeling we could be close buds
by jeffipa November 3, 2019
A bad ass ni**a that is the most attractive person alive, he’s caring and wishes to only be with his friends.
Aye it’s April 8!!!
by Honestlogang October 16, 2019
NationalTell Your Friend You Sent N00Ds’ Day
Ayo taylor guess what i did”
“Don’t start with me i know it’s April 8”
by lbeener21 April 8, 2020