The day after Superbowl Sunday.

As a result of our country's tradition on Superbowl Sunday to collectively eat the most deliciously unhealthy foods known to man (e.g. buffalo wings, pigs-in-blankets, pizza, mozzerella sticks, chips & dip, sloppy joes, french fries, burgers etc.) and collectively drink billions of bottles of the cheapest beer, there is no other day of the year to beat the sheer mass of our collective poops, than the day after Superbowl Sunday. I therefore declare it, National Poop Day.
Pat: Hey man, you taking off of work for National Poop Day?
Joe: Hells yeah! Pass me another buffalo wing!
by K-Slice33 February 7, 2011
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National Poop Day is a day where you and your friends have to poop at least 3-5 times in one day. If not then you have failed poop day and you and your friends (whoever failed) has to stick their whole middle finger up their own butthole.
by bootysmacker1000 October 3, 2020
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The best day of the year-go outside and poop, or just die, your choice.
Friend: Let’s go poop!
You: Why?
Friend: Are you dumb? It’s national poop day!
by Poopday July 11, 2021
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On the 16th April, it's the national eat poop day. On this day, you can poop wherever, to then proceed to eat up the big juicy poop. Hang out with your friends, poop with them, shit or whatever. On the National Eat Poop Day, you should all celebrate and have delicious poopy meals!
Jonathan: Yo, it's the national eat poop day today!
**Jonathan pulls down his pants and scoops out a huge shitload of black watery poop.
Jonathan: Eat up, please!
Nicolai: Mhmmm, this is yummy, it tastes like my favorite meal, thai wok!
by FurryCop6ix9ine April 11, 2019
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The day after St. Patrick's Day. Those that celebrated correctly will have green colored poop the day(s) following St. Patrick's Day.
If you're not apart of National Green Poop Day, then you did St. Patrick's Day wrong.
by KindaIrish March 16, 2017
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On April 15, National Group Poop Day will be celebrated across the globe. Get with your friends and enjoy a group poop.
We're celebrating National Group Poop Day at my house tomorrow. Do you want to come?
by Ppcrusher April 12, 2019
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October 29th. National send the homies your poop day. This is the day where you must send the real homies a sweet picture of your miraculous creation/poopy. If someone does not send a poop pic on this day you are not real homies with said person.
Friend one: did you get my poopy pic?
Friend two: *holds back tears* my nigga...

National poop pic day: the day to send your homies a snap of your crap
by Grant FREAKING Goldsmith October 29, 2019
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