A day where boys give a girl they’re hoodie to wear just because. It is also a day where you can try to make a move on your crush.
Adam: Hey here’s my hoodie
Everly: wait, why?

Adam: Oh it’s just national give a girl your hoodie day! ;)
by Suddenlyjejs January 22, 2020
A Day that absolutely no one on this website can agree on the actual date of
It's National Give a Girl Your Hoodie Day! Wait, I forget, isn't it tomorrow? I guess it doesn't really matter cause my gf is just gonna ask for it anyway
by chugga chugga choo choo February 19, 2020
National give a girl a hoodie day is September 24th. So give a girl a hoodie so she's not gonna be forced to be a thot.
Guy :"It's National Give a Girl Your Hoodie Day"
Girl: "omg I don't have to be a thotty thank you"
by k.......----------- September 20, 2019
October 14th is not any other day. It’s give a girl ur hoodie day!! Even if u don’t have a gf, find either ur girl bsf or a regular girl friend and give them your hoodie!
Can I give u my hoodie since this is National give a girl your hoodie day?
by parsley October 14, 2019