Is a real charmer she loves to have fun she super girly and hot. Also nice and the best girlfriend ever if you have an Everly in your life don’t let her leave.
Wow dang Everly is really hot
Yeah I know
by Xxxtenactionlover October 15, 2018
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a girl who is very beautiful kind funny generous and caring who loves to have fun she's not afraid to get dirty Everly's down to earth
wow I wish I could get me an Everly
by 13_wishes February 15, 2016
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Only the most badass name to ever exist, not only is it the name of a badass movie, a badass band, and a city in Iowa, but all of the Everlys are badass as well.
"Who is that?"
"Her name is Everly, and she's a badass".
by Doodilei June 13, 2016
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literally the baddest bitch ever. She can beat up anyone that stops her from getting what she wants. all the guys want her but are too shy to confess their feelings. She is a nice girl with a bad attitude. She is fineee af and is thicc asf. If you find an Everly don't let her go. She's also really good at twerking
Star: Did you see that new girl today.
Dayon: Yeah, her name is Everly and I want her to be mine
by bby.gurlll December 13, 2018
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Very beautiful Intelligent caring empathic woman who has a good heart and cares about others. She usually loves animals and is good at caring for them. She is usually very nice which sometimes can leave herself vulnerable to assholes that just want to use her. She is usually strong and has a strong heart even in her mother's womb and can do anything she puts her mind to. Everly's are usually Aquarius but can sometimes be Capricorn. Their smile can light up a room and they usually can sing and sing as they have a voice of an Angel.
Look at that girl she is so caring and loving. I bet she is an everly
by Markghalty January 21, 2020
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Short, funny, geeky, gunny, pretty girl, who does not enjoy the color pink.
Guy 1-Daaaang son she fine
Guy 2- Yeah her name is Everly and she is freaking hilarious
Everly- I know, and I AM fine
by Yeeters gonna yeet November 30, 2018
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N., ADJ. 1.Large burly man that can drink a leprechaun under the table, literally, He is very flexible and is especially good at drinking vast quantities upside down.

2. Someone who consumes masssive amounts of booze and proceeds to perform obscene and lewd acts in public.
1.(Did you see that? He just did a keg stand and went "everly" on that frat party)

2.(No more whiskey for that guy, he's going to turn everly and start peeing on people)
by Sexionate March 8, 2009
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