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a girl who is very beautiful kind funny generous and caring who loves to have fun she's not afraid to get dirty Everly's down to earth
wow I wish I could get me an Everly
by 13_wishes September 13, 2016
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Only the most badass name to ever exist, not only is it the name of a badass movie, a badass band, and a city in Iowa, but all of the Everlys are badass as well.
"Who is that?"
"Her name is Everly, and she's a badass".
by Doodilei June 12, 2016
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An absolutely gorgeous girl who has a bright spirt and always has you smiling! She’s your best friend, She loves to have fun and with her blue eyes will keep you forever captivated in her beauty. If you find an Everly don’t let her go!
Dude? Look at that girl? She’s HOT
No man that’s EverlyShe gorgeous!
by Raetay101 February 06, 2018
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N., ADJ. 1.Large burly man that can drink a leprechaun under the table, literally, He is very flexible and is especially good at drinking vast quantities upside down.

2. Someone who consumes masssive amounts of booze and proceeds to perform obscene and lewd acts in public.
1.(Did you see that? He just did a keg stand and went "everly" on that frat party)

2.(No more whiskey for that guy, he's going to turn everly and start peeing on people)
by Sexionate March 08, 2009
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