One who walks the line of danger with a pocket full of condoms and a fist to punch those who disobey.
God, that chick is such a natane.
by Piggy Oinkers October 28, 2008
someone who is confident and powerful man. he is caring towards everything however if you say or do anything mean he will come for you and hurt you, so watch out. he can be strong and powerful when he has his women on his side. he will always try his hardest to make you happy but if you are not close to him, he will not care at all and push you away.
person 1: omg his going to kill me

person 2: who natan

person 1: yeah
person 2: ha your fucked
by softandgentle April 24, 2019
the guy who plays pokemon during polish class
natan: wait my pokemon are loading
by habadabalove April 26, 2021
Really sexy guy with a big dick that all the females want and has really curly hair and did I mention hi dick pleasures any woman and he don’t mess the lgtbq
“Omg look how big that guys dick is” yeah that’s natan
by Ftjfz November 12, 2019
chick 1: did u see that sexy jewish guy walk in just now?
chick 2: oh u mean that natan?
by nathaniel kerendian April 13, 2008
1. (n) A guy (sometimes a girl) who you either a. previously dated or b. has always wanted to date you, who no matter what, will love you unconditionally. This includes endless stares and compliments.

2. (n) A guy (or sometimes a girl) who you have hooked up with in the past or almost hooked up with and you know you could always go back to in the future. He cannot say no to anything you ask
1. Chick 1: I can't believe you dated that guy!
chick 2: yeah i know....but he's my natan so I can't stop loving him for that. without him, my self confidence would be wayy lower.


chick 1: im sooo horny
chick 2: why don't you just call up your natan?
chick 1: good idea!
by yrsoccer94 October 18, 2010
A cool gangster . If you mess with him i will beat your ass
Hey have you seen natan he is a gangster like yolandi and ninja