A smol, but badass chick with an amazing sense of style, great music taste, good humor and all around, is a great person (aka butter, butternut, or nut)
Yo! Natalya is amazing!”
by shortpancakestack June 24, 2021
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She is a very gorgeous girl, has no idea how amazing she is, she's cute, big jugs, lethal Bunda, she doesn't even need makeup, she thinks things about her are bad but she's just sooooooo adorable.
by NatsHusband ( TT ) December 8, 2021
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An above average Medford, Oregon-looking girl, with a pale face and extreme sarcastic tendencies. May have an obsession with sharp objects and a desire to use them on others. Beware of a smiling Natalya -- she may have just committed murder or is going to.
Oh, it's Natalya!

How can you tell?

Jack is lying on the ground at customer service clutching himself....
by Lowes unsung hero October 1, 2011
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A bad ass beezy who knows how to party, wears tight designer jeans and v-neck shirts from american apparel, likes to rave and get extremely sloshed while watching entourage
guy 1: hey, did you just see Natalya walk by?
guy 2: Yeah she was looking super sexy in those rock n' republics!
by num1beezy February 7, 2010
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Is a lovely girl who doesn't realise how gorgeous she is, a Natalya can be really clever,funny and Hot she often has Amazing eyes the worlds best smile from my experience she makes a pretty good girlfriend and goes really well with a Cody.
Omg is that Natalya

Yes it is

Am i dreaming?
by Scottishseagull August 26, 2018
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A natalya is smart kind and beautiful. She is plain kind and heroic. she has many friends and she puts her friends and family before her own happieness.
She is such a natalya!
Thank you that means so much to me, thanks!!!!
by Middleschoolers November 30, 2018
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She is a rude cat loving girl that loves other girls. She sure is a special one and has a thing for cats.
Hey, do u guys wanna go catch some fish, no Natalya wants to play with a toxic lightbulb
by Nooodlessksksksk August 14, 2019
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