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Natalya is a absolute savage and is tough but also a absolute best friend and is nice to everone but if your not nice or Natalya your fucked she will make you wish you weren’t mean or her she is also really pretty and kind and has a lot of fiend and if your friend me woth natalya you safe and lucky
Someone bullied me but Natalya will stick up for me
by Luckydoggiefuq58 March 5, 2019
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A sexy ducking beast with a massive willy with huge abs and eyes like the ocean will is great in bed and can make you fall in love with him will is usually the middle child and has a few girlfriends but was kind to all of them will has hair softer than an angel and hand has freckles where you can see them a little he’s got a CUTE ASSSS and can be considered heaven
William is hot and sexy
by Luckydoggiefuq58 March 5, 2019
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