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Ridiculously awesome girl with unlimited space in her heart.
She will help you in any way possible unless you have committed genocide or any form of mass murder. Unbelievably caring, loving, and intelligent.
Nata is going to be working? Oh she is so much better than those other asshats.
by kincsakdjsxljsldkja March 07, 2011
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Nata short for Natalie A Girl who is blonde with blue eyes tends to get asked out alot mostly by guys name Thomas.she also loves to sleep alot
by Casecase67 September 23, 2017
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Nata is a girl that is one of a kind really no one else in this world is like her she always puts the one she loves before herself the best girl you will ever meet the one that once you meet her she will be in your head forever although shes young shes the most mature beautiful girl you will ever see if you have a nata never let her go once she is there shes forever she is the most adorable cute clingy girl that will love you till you die she loves the music you like she wants to learn the things you know and teach you how to dance shes so energetic and always thinks of the best things in a bad situation the biggest optomist and happiest girl with the cutest smile and most beautiful eyes the pictures she sends you makes your smile bigger than ever just knowing you have her but one thing to know is that she will never try to hurt you she will always keep your heart safe forever <3 ily baby
nata is one of a kind but nata is mine
by DRAKE WOOO June 13, 2021
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Someone that is involved in frauding people's email adresses. She spends her free time searching for Elkland merchandise on ebay and creating her favourite people on the sims 3. She also enjoys skipping songs on shuffle on her ipod. Never satisfied. Nata has a problem closing her legs whilst on rollercoasters and other thrilling rides.
by Adamkessler January 20, 2011
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The act of having a hot and incredibly large penis and using it to perform unruly and unorthodox sexual acts.
Damn, that dude pulled a nata all night long with 7 girls at the same time...
by Nata Wantstobe September 04, 2006
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